Composite Material

Panels from Aluminium/Plastics, HPL, Compressed Laminated Wood

Trimming of HPL and Compact panels

Our customer is trimming thin HPL laminate panels as well as thick HPL compact panels.
The panels are transported single fed through the processing line and are trimmed with a very high capacity on all 4 sides. Length: 2.100 – 3.400 mm
Width: 900 – 1.700 mm
Thickness: HPL thin laminats 0,5-1,9 mm
               compact panels 2-30 mm
Capacity: approx. 6-7 Teile/min

Dual blade flying cross cut saw

Flying cross cut saw behind double belt press

SCHWABEDISSEN supplied a dual blade flying cross cut saw for a new production line in China. The saw is positioned behind the double belt press in the continuous production line of composite material. 

The material dimensions are as follows:

  • width: 220 - 800 mm
  • thickness: 42 mm

During the cross cut the gantry is travelling at the same speed with the continuously produced material.
The saw is equipped with two saws from above and bottom because of the special composite material steel sheet/foam/steel sheet.

CNC processing center for aluminum

This processing center with 18-fold tool changer processes shaped parts of wood and aluminum. A small selection of the characteristics of the processing center is as follows:
  • Robot head
  • 18-fold tool changer
  • Table cross beams with double circuit suction valves
  • Lubricating of all main axes by oil / air lubrication
  • Spindles 20 KW vector controlled 22,000 r.p.m.
  • Spindle water cooling
  • Least quantity lubrication system

CNC processing of compressed laminated wood

A few of the features are as follows:
  • Processing center using the moving gantry version
  • Robot head
  • Tool changer: Disc magazine with 12 tool positions
  • Aluminum machining table with vacuum circuit controlled by single solenoid valve
  • High speed milling and drilling spindle 20 KW Vector control 22,000 r.p.m.
  • Cooling unit for main spindle
  • NUM control

Sawing of compressed laminated wood

Trimming of compressed laminated wood panels A German producer of compressed laminated wood has received a new saw for this heavy panels (up to 750 kg) .
The panels with a wide thickness range from 5 - 150 mm are fed manually onto the bottom chain tracks. The operator can align the panels by means of a laser light. The panels are sawn on both sides simultaneously. 

Because of big thickness tolerances even in one panel, each panel is measured on both machine sides by sensors before transporting it through the machine. The top pressure chains are positioned automatically according to the measured thicknesses. Therefore we can achieve an optimal top pressure for this heavy kind of processing. The production line is equipped with the latest SIEMENS PLC technology.

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