Furniture parts

Inline saw for drawer parts and rear panels

We have developed a saw, which is capable to make one middle cut and additional processing (like grooving and scoring) during continuous transport. 

All processing motors are assembled on a top beam. In this way a central positioning is possible.

Material length: 250 - 3.000 mm
Material width: 100 - 1.200 mm
Thickness: 8 - 60 mm

The electronic control is programmed on a Siemens S7 Basis with the newest touch panel KTP700



Double end tenoner for solid wood parts

Processing of solid wood for seating furniture

A well-known seating furniture producer from Norway is using the new SCHWABEDISSEN-Double end tenoner for the processing of his seating basements. The double end tenoner is fed automatically by a robot. During processing finger joints are milled to the ends of the form pressed wood components. The customised double end tenoner DAa 80/3 with high capacity has following features (amongst others):

  • 5 processing units, thereof 2 high frequency spindles up to 18 000 U/min. with HSK 63 F-interface
  • mechanical and digital SIKO position measuring system
  • Beckhoff SPS-control with 7 elektronic-axis for positioning control

Book saw in gantry design

SCHWABEDISSEN supplied a cut-to-size saw S60 for a furniture producer in Nigeria

The gantry saw will significantly raise the capacity of the production.

The custommade book saw cuts raw and laminated particle boards as well as MDF. The book of boards up to 100 mm height has a max. dimension of 2600 x 2100 mm. A hydraulic lifting table helps the operator to built the book manually on the saw table.

The saw comes with up-to-date servo drives and the Siemens S7 electronic control for high working speeds.

After cutting the book is transported automatically to the outfeed roller table. The cut-to-size formats can be stacked simoultaneously during the next cutting process.



Applications and References

Innovative concepts for your material

PB, MDF, OSB, plywood, solid wood

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Plasterboard, gypsum fibre, mineral fibre, fibre cement, cement bonded boards

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Solid wood, rear panels, drawer parts

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HPL, compressed laminated wood, Aluminium/plastics

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Formwork beams and shuttering panels

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CNC processing center / double end tenoner

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Carton pressed boards

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5-axis processing with robot head

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Profiling of window frames with single sided tenoner

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Cross processing with double end tenoner

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