Boards for construction

Plaster, gypsum fibre, cement bonded particle, fibre cement, mineral fibre, glas compound boards

Trimming of heavy cement fibre boards

The European market leader in cement fibre boards is investing in another production line for the manufacture of cement fibre boards in one of its plants.
Two SCHWABEDISSEN double-end tenoners for longitudinal and cross processing are used for trimming the boards.
Due to the large thickness spectrum of 9 - 110 mm and a maximum panel density of 1,500 kg/m3, the panels weigh up to 600 kg.
Very large cutting motors are used for this processing.
For user-friendly adjustment, the motors are positioned fully automatically in height. The system is equipped with the latest control generation from Siemens.

Cross trimming of cement fibre boards

Europe's largest manufacturer of cement fibre boards has invested in a new production line equipped with a Schwabedissen cross-trimming saw. The individual panels are transported in longitudinally on a roller conveyor. Two gantries from above accommodate a scoring saw and the trimming motor.
When the panel comes to a stop, the leading and trailing edges are simultaneously trimmed from above.
Dimensions: max. 3100 x 1300 mm
                  Min. 2400 x 1000 mm
Thickness:    5-45 mm
Cycle time:   max. 2 panels/min.
The control is realised with the latest Siemens S7-1511

Cutting of plasterboards, mineral fibre and fibre cement boards

The SCHWABEDISSEN gantry saw S60 is equipped with one longitudinal saw and one cross saw, arranged on a common saw carriage.

All drives are equipped with servo drive motors that allow exact positioning with high speeds. Because of the gantry saw technology -cutting from the top- the SCHWABEDISSEN S60 is perfectly designed for cutting abrasive material, as plasterboard or fibre cement boards. The material is positioned on the saw table. It is cut in longitudinal and cross direction without being moved.

Profiling mineral fibre boards

Full automatic Edge Profiling of mineral fiber boards with high capacity A big producer of mineral fiber boards has received a new double end tenoner combination for longitudinal and cross processing of the ceiling tiles. The boards will be produced in a high amount up to 60 boards/min.

The double end tenoners are equipped with 3 processing motors/side. All mouvements are positioned automatically (approx. 46 servo motors). Set-up times during change of production programme will be at a minimum stage. The production line is equipped with the latest SIEMENS PLC technology.

Trimming of cement bonded particle board

In this application cement bonded particle boards are trimmed longitudinally and cross by double end tenoners. The SCHWABEDISSEN double end tenoners are very suitable for a perfect cutting result and high quality edges.

The SCHWABEDISSEN chain systems for transport and top pressure are perfect technology for processing this abrasive material. 

Inline cutting of panels from glas compound

This trimming and cutting saw for single panels is installed in an automatic production line for glas compound material.  The panels are transported through the saw and are trimmed on all four sides. The saw aggregates are positioned automatically. The brut dimension of approx. 1.200 x 2.400 mm can be cut to max. 3 pieces à 1.200 x 800 mm. 

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