Wood-based panels

Panels from PB, MDF, OSB, plywood, solid wood

Profiling of three-layer solid wood panels

Fully automatic production line with a double end tenoner

At one of Europe's leading manufacturers of solid wood panels, a fully automatic production line from Schwabedissen is used for tongue and groove production, consisting of an automatic feeding system, a double end tenoner and an automatic stacking system.

The solid wood three-layer boards can be processed on both sides with tongue and groove. If the panels are to be processed on four sides with tongue and groove, the panels are transported through the production line a second time. For this purpose, the double-end profiler automatically adjusts itself to the dimension to be processed.

Inline Saws

Schwabedissen supplied the inline saws for a new particle board production in the UAE. The saws are positioned behind the press system. The machine equipment consists of a longitudinal trimming saw, one middle cut saw and a cross cut saw. Panels with max. dimensions of 2.600 x 12.500 mm are processed in this line.

Double end tenoner for t&g profiling

Double end tenoner combination for processing tongue and groove  SCHWABEDISSEN double end tenoner angle combinations are made especially for the production of tongue and groove floorboards of OSB, MDF or chipboard.
The technology is characterized by:
  • vibration-free frame construction
  • working speeds of up to 120 m/min.,
  • wear resistant feed chains,
  • top pressure chains and
  • special angular transfer unit

Cutting saw for particle boards

Trimming and cutting saw for single panels in the pb sanding line Double end tenoner line for cutting the cooled chipboards in front of the sanding machine.
The machine is able to cut up to 6 raw boards/min.
The second double end tenoner for the cross processing has also 2 middle cut saws to do different center cuts. It is possible to produce panel sizes from 2.400 x 1.830 mm up to 5.500 x 1.830 mm. 

Double end tenoner for longitudinal trimming

SCHWABEDISSEN double end tenoner for longitudinal trimming of HDF and MDF books A big chipboard manufacturer has raised edge quality of his products at his production site in Poland. From now on sanded HDF and MDF panels are trimmed lengthwise with a SCHWABEDISSEN double end tenoner.
Because of the high capacity of the sanding line the panels are built to a book in front of the double end tenoner. 
Thanks to the special SCHWABEDISSEN technology in the double end tenoner it is possible to trim a panel book successfully.

Cross cutting of solid wood panels

The SCHWABEDISSEN double end tenoner combination is the base for the first-class work result and high quality processing of three layer genuine wood sheets up to 100 mm thickness. The single panels are trimmed longitudinally and cross as well as divided in the middle.

Diagonal saw for chip mat

Cross cutting of continuously produced particle boards The diagonal saw cuts the continuously produced chip mat to the different lengths of boards which have to be pressed in the next step.
At the same time two trimming saws trim the width of the mat. The average transport speed of the mat is approx. 26 m/min.
The saw carriage can run at a travelling speed up to 80 m/min. The machine is controlled by the latest generation of Siemens S7 PLC. 

Cutting saw for inline production

The SCHWABEDISSEN series F 100 trimming and sizing plant is for pre-sizing chipboards after pressing or in the sanding line. This plant can size up to 4.5 panels per minute.

Trim saw for OSB mat

This saw is part of our wide range of special purpose machines.
The mat saw is part of the production line for the manufacture of OSB boards, trimming the still loose OSB chip mat on its long edges. It is then pressed to form a panel.
The pre-trimmed panel has less waste in subsequent processing. The chips are sucked away and delivered back to the chip stock. In this way there is less waste.
As always, the machine is designed for operation 24 hour per day, 7 days per week.

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