Double end tenoner DAa

The classic double end tenoner in solid design

SCHWABEDISSEN double end tenoners DAa are based on a sturdy design with vibration-free construction components, being the prerequisite for stability and precision.

Very important parts are made from cast ironing, e. g.

  • machine columns
  • chain tracks
  • chain wheels
  • motor supports
  • etc.

These parts are mounted in a frame construction and built an enclosed, torsion resistant and extremely sturdy unit on the machine beds.

Special features of double end tenoner DAa

Bottom transport chain

The centerpiece of the double end tenoner is the specially designed bottom transport chain.

SCHWABEDISSEN transport chains guarantee low mainenance and efficient operation by 
  • Robust chain plates,
  • strongly dimensioned sprockets
  • special bearings 

Motor supports of the DAa

The exact guiding and positioning of the processing motors is realised by
  • motor supports from cast ironing
  • strong dove tail guides
The double end tenoner DAa is built on a standardised modular concept. The machine length and number of columns are determined by the equipment required to perform the production task, e. g. 
  1. scoring aggregat
  2. trimming aggregat
  3. 2 x flexible milling aggregates
  4. 1 x sanding belt equipment

The advantages

  • Custom-made system solutions with a lot of key parts in cast ironing
  • Usage of dove tail guiding
  • Low vibration processing by means of particularly sturdy, closed frame construction
  • top pressure chains instead of belts