Double end tenoner Modul

the modern frame design in high precision

Our double end tenoner Modul is characterized by the following:

  • high fabrication precision of the raster modules
  • high positioning speeds by means of linear guides
  • upgradeable later on
  • efficient central extraction
  • operator friendly during tool change

Our custom-made system solutions guarantee optimal space utilization and the highest level of productivity. Our closed frame construction techniques are particularly sturdy, ensuring that the machinery operates with a minimal amount of vibration.

Access to the operating units is user-friendly, making tool changes fast and safe. We have continued to develop our suction hood technology to operate at high efficiency with a wide range of different materials.

Special features double end tenoner Modul

Bottom transport chain

The centerpiece of the double end tenoner is the specially designed bottom transport chain.

SCHWABEDISSEN transport chains guarantee low mainenance and efficient operation by
  • Robust chain plates,
  • strongly dimensioned sprockets
  • special bearings 

Operator-friendly design

  • Unchanged standard machine working height even with big processing motors
  • in case of milling motors with long tool spindles: automatic aggregat positioning to the park position of the dust hoods available

Processing aggregate

  • with electronic positioning
  • positioned on linear guiding

the advantages

  • very precise
  • adaptable
  • top pressure chains instead of belts
  • low vibration by means of frame design