Cross profiling of massiv wood panels

SCHWABEDISSEN delivers a double-end tenoner for cross profiling to a German manufacturer of solid wood panels.

The custom-built double-end tenoner with six processing motors per side has a variety of high-end technical features.

- Working width up to 6,600 mm
- Various processing motors with different interfaces for the tools, i.e.
   a) Standard motors with 40 mm shaft and feather key for speed ranges up to 7,200 rpm.
   b) Hydraulic motors for speed ranges up to 10,000 rpm.
   c) Machining spindles with HSK 63F tool interface for fast tool change.

The Siemens control system features the latest PLC generation S7-1515F. The TP1500 Comfort control panel was programmed with the user-friendly SOFI 3.0 interface (Schwabedissen Operator - Friendly Interface), typical of SCHWABDEDISSEN.

The usual mechanical feed shaft for driving the left and right feed chains was replaced by an "electronic" shaft in this project due to the large working width. Four SEW drive motors are used for the lower transport tracks as well as the upper pressure tracks.

The adjustment of the processing motors to the profile to be processed is fully automatic with the help of 18 bus motors. Furthermore, five SEW servo axes are used.