Saw for producing transport pads

SCHWABEDISSEN builds saw for packaging pads to a site of a European chipboard manufacturer

The packaging pads are produced by nailing and cross sawing of a particle board books.

The raw particle board stack is positioned on a lifting platform by means of a forklift truck. A pusher takes over the book at the height of the pads to be achieved. The pusher positions the book of panels to the automatic nailing device and cross saw from above.

The panels are fixed by nails from above and below and then in the next step the cross cut saw cuts the individual pads from the book. The finished pads are then automatically pushed onto another lifting platform and stacked.

The machine is equipped with the latest servo drive technology from SEW and the latest generation of SIEMENS S7 control.

The pads have the following format:
Length: 2,070 mm
Width: 70 mm
Height: 72-88 mm (depending on the thickness of the single raw panel)