Made in Germany

precise machine technology since 1872

Since 1872 the name SCHWABEDISSEN has embodied outstanding engineering work and top quality standards. 
As one of the eldest and most experienced manufacturers in our branch of industry this is our incentive and daily obligation to fulfil. Through almost one and a half century the excellence of our high-precision machinery has been regarded as exemplary and worth being aimed at. Our success as an owner-managed company is also based on our ability to gear the tailor-made design of our machines to our Customers‘ requirements down to the smallest detail. 

Made in Germany - all machines are produced at the production facility in Herford.  Schwabedissen's production is characterised by state-of-the-art manufacturing in a 9000 m² production hall: mechanical machining division, machine assembly, design and assembly of electronic controls. Therefore we are always able to realize a prompt and efficient customer service worldwide from our production facility. Approx. 70 percent of all machines produced have been exported to the global markets.

Our promise for high quality

Tailor-made solutions for all panel processing systems

We develop customized solutions for panel cutting systems (inline trimming and cutting saws for single panels as well as books of panels), double end tenoners and CNC processing machines. 

Site analysis and consulting

After having analyzed the situation at customer’s site we are able to consult our customers with the most effective solutions.

Know-how since decades

By combining well-established technology and technical innovation SCHWABEDISSEN is able to realize the tailor-made solution meeting the individual customer’s requirements.

High efficiency and solid design

Each machine leaving our factory halls is unique and provides a profitable and reliable manufacture of your products.

Assembly and run-up at customer's site

After having preassembled the machines in our production hall, we erect the machines on customer’s site and do the commissioning/run-up.

Worldwide customers

For more than 70 years, approx. 70 percent of all machines produced have been exported to the global markets. Schwabedissen woodworking machines are in operation in more than 80 countries, in Western Europe, Eastern Europe and overseas.

Professional partners for your success