Saw for single panels

Longitudinal saw for inline applications

  • for trimming and longitudinal cutting of wood based panels like chipboards, MDF, OSB, blockboards, etc.
  • cutting single panels from below or, if required, from above
  • saw Type LS with transport- and pressure-rollers before and after trimming- and cutting saws for guide and transport of the panel material
  • double end tenoner Type DAa with bottom transport chains and top pressure chains for high processing precision

Cross cut saw QS for stop and go panel transport

  • for trimming and cross cutting of wood based panels like chipboards, MDF, OSB, blockboards, etc.
  • the panels need to be stopped and aligned before cutting
  • cutting of single panels from below or, if required, from above
  • with pressure beam in front and behind the saw cut

Cross cut saw F100 for inline applications

  • a pusher takes over the panels at the longitudinally trimmed edge and pushs them through the stationary cross cutting saws
  • cross trimming and cutting of panels with saw motors from below

Cross cut saw F47

  • Trimming and sawing of panels from above by cross cut gantries QS
  • the gantries QS are either fix or move to position according to panel dimension
  • the panel material will be positioned by an integrated roller conveyor

Cross cut saw for endless panel material

Diagonal saw

Since decades diagonal saws are installed behind continuous press systems for cross cutting continuously produced panel material to single master panels.  This process requires automatic cutting equipment with a high degree of reliability and accuracy, to avoid interrupting the production process.  The gantry is positioned in a certain angle to the transport direction of the material. The PLC controls and modifies the necessary speed of the saw carriage depending on the transport speed of the material This type of equipment is used for the cutting to length of continuously pressed chipboard and fibreboards as well as endlessly laminated individual board lengths (worktops).  Optional: Length trimming saws are set up in front of the diagonal saws for trimming the longitudinal edges of the panels. This system can therefore produce panels trimmed on all four sides and sized to any customer requirements.

Flying cut-off saw

This cross cut saw is installed behind continuously produced board material, e. g. behind double belt press systems. Further the machine can be used for endlessly foamed or extruded plastic sheets (Polyurethane or polystyrene insulating panels) and continuous lengths of sandwich board (insulating panels). During cross cutting the saw beam travels with the material. After having cut the material the beam travels back to its start position.  With this saw design it is possible to fix the board material during cutting by means of clamps from the side or a pressure beam from the top. The material can have the following specifications:
  • width: 900 - 1.250 mm
  • thickness: 40 – 200 mm
This saw type can be equipped optionally with one saw motor from above and one saw motor from below. 

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